Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spaces, Two Letters of the Alphabet and a Period

And I thought it was just me who has issues with names.

For those who know me from school, my first name has always been twined with a "Ma." (short for Maria). After 21 years of being identified as the youngest V with the Ma., and writing the longest whole name on every school paper, I found out that my birth name was just as plain as my face, without any accents, or second names and what-have-yous in it.

Eventually, I got over it. Haha. my only mistake was, I was stubborn to still put Ma. on some of my employment information. But no worries, in about a month and a half, I'm officially changing last names, and along with that, correction on my first name. Sigh!

The chaos with names doesn't stop with me. Apparently, my husband-to-be also has a teeny bit of discrepancy on his middle name. His was De La Cruz, with all the spaces evident on his birth certificate. And for crying out loud, i cannot believe a single space (or the absence of it, for this matter) can cause so much inconvenience! His driver's license and other valid IDs shows his middle name as DELA CRUZ. The DE and the LA clearly attached with each other. He even took time to argue with me, comparing his middle name with a known school here in the country. To top it all off, his mother, my MIL2B (mother-in-law-to-be) also doesnt have spaces on her maiden name on her voter's ID. Wow. Talk about overlooked detail. And for that, they got everyone all confused. Me, the registrar's office employees and even my parents.
Geez. I thought submitting the darn documents for the marriage license application will be as easy as paying for my dark mocha frappuccino. I clearly thought wrong.

Eventually, we were able to secure an affidavit of discrepancy for Nico and shelled out extra funds for that. Whew! I was almost on the verge of quitting. Good thing, my future husband is as patient as ever and super positive all throughout the process.

Right after we walked out of the registrar's office, we both heaved a sigh of relief. 14 days. 2 Weeks and we're getting our license. Hopefully.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wassap! Wassap!

No, this is not Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro's old Studio23 TV Show. I'm just posting a bit of what we've been up to with regards to our wedding preps.

Aside from buying my shoes for the wedding, H2B also bought his from Traffic at MOA. For crying out loud, I really cannot believe and super cannot understand why a pair of men's shoes will cost that much considering they all look almost the same to me, with the exemption of course of some with tied laces or buckles. Think of this, with his shoe value, I could've bought at least two pairs of Charles & Keiths!

Anyway, aside from our accomplishment for our wedding shoes, we were also able to finally find and buy his wedding suit! And on top of that, we got the coat and the pants for a total of Php4,500 only! H2B, happy. Me, happy. Our wallet, super happy! I was actually expecting to find the costliest at about Php5000 for the whole suit but lo and behold, Wharton saved us. ^_^ He is still contemplating on going all black with white tie or white tie and white longsleeves inside. He is also considering wearing a vest. Oh dear, I thought I was the one who's supposedly maarte between the two of us on what to wear, but hey, I am so dead wrong.

**For an overview, he's aiming for a Justin Timberlake-look on our wedding. And who am I supposed to be? Britney? Hahahaha!**

In addition to our wardrobe accomplishments, one more paperwork to go and our documents are all set to be submitted to apply for a marriage license. We just need the physical presence of our parents upon signing the parental consent form to submit for the license application. It sure is difficult to get married nowadays. *sigh*

On Saturday, hopefully we get to complete our church requirements both documentation and seminars. Lord, we pray for Your guidance.

That's all for now. I'll go visit Suyen's site again and try refreshing the page, hoping she's uploaded her wedding pics already! Excited much? Hahaha! Best wishes and Congrats sis Suyen!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I know I mentioned they won't be silver but hey, beggers cant be choosers :p I did follow most of my guidelines, though.
1. No blings!
2. Not higher than 2inches
3. No flowers
4. No exaggerated bows

And for that, here's my lovely lovely new pair of peep-toes, my bridal shoes!

Friday, April 10, 2009

White Ladies

I'm tamad to write lately. So I'll post pictures instead. These are from Rock and Roll Bride (click and drool ... lovely, lovely weddings there!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's the word? Teamwork!

I've been chanting those lines over and over again while H2B and I were doing our own little mock invites hahaha! I bought sample materials a few weeks back but never had the time (kasi tamad) to actually start with printing out samples. What we tried to finalize was the invite main page which details the wedding celebration itself. I just wanted to see how it would look like. :D So here're some pix of our first tangible DIY hehehe!

Materials used for our samples are just plain white bond paper and black cardboard which has this sparkling effect in the actual form.

A lot are still to be finalized as to the printing of the invites, though. Hopefully, we'd get to produce the look that we're aiming for.

Credit goes to for the template/image