Monday, February 23, 2009

Next stop

So we're almost done with the dress. Technically.

We're done booking the major suppliers. Smaller details are already on the works. Now, we have to maximize the time left for us to figure out how we would want to look like on our big day. H2b had been googling so much for his wedding shoes, imagine that!

After my meeting with Noe Reyes, I was already thinking of the shoes and the hair. I found a few that I liked at various malls but the heels are keeping me from buying them. I wanted a pair of wedding shoes that I would still be able to wear after the big day. I want something that I could walk on at the office or wear any day and anywhere I'd like. And for that, I'm not going to get shoes with too much bling or glittery stuff. And best of all, I wanted to get a cute wedding shoes for Attorney Fortun's photograph! Hahahaha!

Now here are the keypoints that I have to check when looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes:
  1. NO to too much blings/glitterry stuff on the shoes themselves
  2. NO to high heels. 1 inch can do but it wont be higher than 2inches
  3. NOT silver
  4. Preferably black&white combi on the pair
  5. NO flowers on it
  6. Bows will be okay but let's not exaggerate
  7. Flats would be perfect!
*Sigh* wish me luck!

Reyes to create my dream wedding dress!

Nope, as much as I wanted to, it's not Veluz REYES who would be making my wedding gown. It's Noe Reyes!!

He wasn't really my first choice (obviously) but nonetheless, when I went to visit him for his designs, i knew and i felt that he is the one. He fit very well to my budget and best of all, when he sketched his vision for my wedding dress, it was almost exactly the same as I have imagined it to be! Me: happy. H2b: happy. Our wallet: very happy! hahahaha!

Anyway, so I was late for about an hour from our appointment of 7pm. I travelled from Cavite to Cubao and hello bonggang bonggang trapik! I almost took a picture of the whole traffic scene but I realized, I'm saving my battery to make I get to photograph Noe's sketch for my bridal gown.

I really wanted my wedding dress to have a ball skirt, more like fairy tale princesses. Also, I have read on a wedding article that for brides with skinny figures, ball gowns are much recommended as it adds volume to the bride's body. I also asked Noe if he could make me look at least 1 inch smaller from my original height as h2b is almost as tall as me but I look taller than him because I'm skinny and he's, well, more malapad than me :p

So there went Noe's hands. He was telling me the details of the gown and asking me some questions related to my wedding while sketching and highlighting stuff on the drawing paper. And after about 5minutes or so, he showed me the draft of my dress. And all I was able to say was, "It's perfect." with a deep satisfied sigh. ^_^

Let me share his sketch for me. Hope everyone who's going to view it will comment on it as well.
by Noe Reyes for Veronica "Apol" Prodigalidad
I can't wait for my first fitting!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Uyeh!!! ^_^

Super excited! We may not be getting our dream designer (read: Veluz) to make my gown but look who's our back-up photographer! He's uberrrr nice, funny and really captures great moments and views! Can't wait!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cute Blogger Award

Tagged by Macy. Loko ka sis hahahaha!

1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves. You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.

Here goes the ten random facts/habits about me

1. I still don't have a voter's ID because I still am not a registered voter (sue me! :p)

2. More than 4hours of sleep makes me more sleepy

3. I buy a venti mocha frappuccino everynight before I go to work or on my 1st break

4. I need my h2b's "meme", more commonly known as masahe, for me to get to sleep

5. I tell people I have fear of heights whenever I'm asked why I do not wear high heeled shoes

6. In college, I was an active part of the school publication. My favorite memories were during my associate editor days for the The Sebastinian Gazette of SSC-R Cavite

7. I can play the guitar and keyboards (not the computer keyboard :p)

8. I'm quite a talker

9. I love One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl! I even plan to do a Gossip Girl inspired prenup pictorial hahaha! xoxo :p

10. And I do not gain weight no matter how much and how often I eat :p

I'm tagging Candy, Mae-z, Chi, Suyen, and all the other w@wies who will bump into my blogsite ^_^

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where will the feast be?

We were able to finally finally completely book Malen's for our wedding reception venue & catering. I still have the menu here with me as we haven't decided yet the dishes that will be served on our humble feast.
Malen's in daylight

Then here's the flight of stairs where I plan to make a bonggang-bonggang dramatic entrance, even if I won't be in a Veluz gown *sad nanaman*

The stairs

Sad replay

For the nth time, I've browsed through Veluz's blogsite. And for the nth time, my amazement and an overpowering envy succumbed me in teary sadness again because of a single tiny detail. I have more or less three months to prepare for our wedding. And I still do not have a wedding dress. Moreso, I do not have and will not have a Veluz wedding dress.

Deep sigh.

Sometimes I'd like to think that I don't need the gown made by her. I'd tell myself in consolation that I am only going to wear it once, and I am not buying a car. Just a wedding gown.

But who am I kidding?

Deep sigh.

It's just... sad. Sometimes I wish I could just simply move our wedding date so I can save up more for the wedding dress. But then, there's this little voice in my head that what would matter is not who and how your dress was made. It should be the solemnity and passion of the vows that would be shared by the bride, with her groom, and the eternity of love they will be living together ever after.


Wala. Nalulungkot pa rin ako. #)$#%(!&@*#!! :(

Regardless of what I think or say, my heart will be forever regretful about that one tiny detail.

Deep sigh.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Word, Four Letters, Say It but Im still not booking your services!

With our usual going home routine, we get to pass by this bridal shop along the highway on a daily basis. Today, h2b and I decided to check the shop out and inquire inside (parang sign sa mga tindahan talaga hahaha).

So we stayed out front, staring at their awesomely detailed display of a bridal dress and two other gowns which are equally amazing to look at. I was drooling at the dresses when a middle aged man walked up to us and asked, "ano ho yon?" And so, we told them that we would like to ask about the designs and rates of the dresses in that shop. The man was followed by a woman who appeared to be in her early fifties. She went, "Ay ano bang tinitingnan nyo? Mga wedding gowns? Sige tara pasok kayo!" She was very giddy and uber energetic as she led us inside. She asked the usual wedding inquiry interrogations: date of the wedding, who's going to be wed, our motiff, style/design preferences, etc. As I answer each of her questions I also threw a few questions back to her in relation to the rates of the dresses (of course, that was why we were there, to do our canvassing as we are very concerned of the budget hehehe). She told me it is her daughter who is the designer and she also has a daughter who does hair & make-up and another offspring doing P/V services, and wedding coordination, too. In short, she was trying to upsell their entire services to us. She even said, "Sana nagpunta kayu dun sa megamall, namigay kami 10% discount sa mga clients namin! Itong gown na to, (referring to their display gown which I so admire), naka limang booking ito! Tapos eto naman tatlo! Andami dami namin na-book noon! Meron pa kumuha ng buong package! 10% Discount!" (if you have observed, i put exclamation point on every sentence she uttered because she was really and literally over the top on her upselling portion). So we asked about the prices, she said, "Ah, yan! 35 tawsan yan!! Halika, dali! Magsukat ka! Bagay sayo yung tube, tapos may bolero o kwelyo banda dito! (while tracing her hands on my shoulder blades)", sabay banat ng, "Para matakpan yang buto buto mo! Payat ka kasi!" Kamusta naman, nilait pa ako?
And she didn't stop there. When she asked if we were able to book na our P/V, she even asked for the package we got which we politely answered. As she heard the rate, she said, "Ay ang mahal! Kame may 15 tawsan lang! Anak ko pa ang mismong potograper nyo!!" Take note of how I type, it is the same as her pronunciation of the word. H2B and I clearly saw and felt how proud she was of her offsprings. However, here is what really ticked me off. She asked us if we were able to book my HMUA in which I answered with so much confidence, "Opo!" She asked where my HMUA was from and how did I know her. I told her that I found out about her through the internet and met with her at the same bridal fair they were in at megamall. She asked, "Sino yan? Sino yan?" The question sounded more of a demand, like a father ambushing her teen daughter with a random boy from high school. She made a face when I said who my HMUA was. I thought that the reaction was because she knew the artist from somewhere but apparently, she was just plainly disgusted of any competition. She went, "Ay naku, yung anak ko? Kita mo, kita mo (while showing me the pictures of her daughter's "work"), ang ganda diba, pantay na pantay ang make-up!" SInce I was starting to be likewise disgusted by her attitude towards other people in the wedding business, I said, "Airbrush po yung serbisyo nung kinuha ko." with all transparency on my tone to get her to keep her stinky comments to herself. But that still didn't stop her. "Nakuuuu!! Wag kayong magpapaniwala sa mga ganyan! Tong samin, tunay tong mga make-up na gamit ng anak ko! Nag aral pa sya sa *some school that I don't know about*! Yang mga bakla, nanloloko lang yang mga yan, peke yung mga gamit nila, saka di totoo yang mga spray spray na make-up na yan!" And she went on raving about how glorious her daughters' works are while badmouthing their other competitors. Clearly, she does not have any idea who my HMUA is. The woman even thought that I booked some random transvestite beautician from a street salon somewhere. Eff that!! I was really pissed and reaaalllyyy disappointed. Their gowns are truly majestic but with that kind of customer service and a banana-type machine gun mouth which spills out nothing but trash, to hell if I'm ever going to make them part of my wedding dream team!!! I didn't effing care that she called me payatot, buto-buto, whatsoever but diss my HMUA?? No effing way!!

She still kept on pursuing us to book them for the bridal gown, though. Being the polite hidden b*tch that I am, I just said, "Nagka-canvass pa naman po kame. Balikan na lang po namin kayo kapag sigurado na kami talaga." And you know what her response was? "Eh undecided pa pala kayo eh! Eh di wag na! Sige, sige!"


Talagang wag na!! Never never never never will I ever avail of any of their services!! I don't care if they would cost a penny per service, but if that's how they talk about other people which they don't even know, I would rather be mabaon sa utang to afford other's services than them!

I don;t understand why people would talk trash about other people, specially if they do not really have any glimpse of an idea as to who or what kind of people the others are. I understand that she was very very proud of her offsprings, of their talents, their services. And I also understand that she wanted to be able to become part of something worth remembering for. But still, nothing can ever be a valid excuse to speak poorly of their fellow artist. Afterall, they belong to the same industry. Competition is supposed to be a fun challenge. I guess, she doesn't understand that.

Monday, February 16, 2009

How Sweet It Is to be Loved by You!

I have work tonight and I should be snoozing off by now but I can't sleep. This happens to me every first day of the week for me. (I know, it's Tuesday, and Monday's supposedly the first day of the week but not for me)

I got up and sat in front of my pc again. Been like this forever when I can't sleep. It was like my desktop pc is my sleeping pill, or whatsoever. basta!

So what I did was try to dig thru my Yahoo! Messenger archive for a conversation with someone which has the link to this blog site of another friend. Wala lang. Out of curiosity, I guess, as to what she blogs about. And so, I found the blogsite :D. Read through it and found a bit of thing that I never knew. Hey, I've been friends with them for almost a decade now and I never had any inkling of an idea about her feelings for this friend we had in college. Oh well. Life's indeed full of surprises. Anyhoo, I'm not going to blog about her, them or their feelings. I'm blogging about how fortunate I feel right this very moment.

I know, I've been having too many frustrations lately that are mostly wedding related. But setting those wedding details aside, I also know that what's most important is the two of us who are saying our vows less than 4months from now.

I am truly fortunate that this man, this loving, sweet, forgiving, patient, understanding and caring guy actually chose me to be the one with whom he will be spending the rest of his life with. I am happy that despite all the things that we've been through, I can say that he's been loyal to his feelings and commitment to me. He may not be the perfect guy that I dreamt of but the love that he shares with me is way beyond the bliss of perfection. It's not just the fact that we are together and that we love each other but it's the truth of how blessed our relationship is with the fruits and signs of love that he has shared with me and of course, God's consistent shedding of light on us.

In less than 16 weeks, we are tying the knot. Hopefully, everything will be just as blessed as we prayed it would be.

And hopefully, my friend will feel the love that we feel, if not with that guy from college, at least with someone who's just perfect for her.

Nico and Me

Our first decent picture together

the shrine where we would say I DO

About three weeks back, I've been so worried and been crying a lot thinking, "Lord, wag mo naman ako pagtaguan!" because we were having issues with the church where we'd like to be wed. Our first choice was at Sto. Rosario Parish Church here in Rosario, Cavite however, the date that we have originally set for the wedding fell on a Sunday and as most churches 'operating hours', they do not cater to weddings on Sundays!! T_T

So we had to look for other churches that wouldn't cause too much hassle as far as proximity and availability is concerned. We inquired at San Isidro Parish Church (which is my actual parish), Noveleta Parish, Imus, Tanza, and almost all the churches here in Cavite. Then my sister said, "Ayaw nyo sa Fatima?" There was this click in my head and I thought, "sabe nga nila, maganda daw dun."

So we scouted for the number of that parish church in Binakayan. It's kind of a bit far from the reception venue compared to our first choice but hey, beggers can't be chosers nga diba!

Since we cannot seem to find the contact info of the church office, I asked h2b if we can drop by the said parish to check their availability and see if it would really be THE church for us. Good thing before we went there, we visited first Dreamline Studios' office to check their P/V packages as well. We even get to ask the photographer there for samples of clients' weddings held at Our Lady of Fatima Parish church. H2B and I were so amazed by the registry of the church in the pictures! And being the siguristas that we are, we walked our way from Dreamline to the church.

We battled through dusty winds and harurot of the buses as we thread the path to the church. As we enter the street, I felt peace. Maybe because the area was too quiet and we're starting to be away from the noisy beeps and brooms of the vehicles along the highway.

We entered the gates. Nasabi ko na lang, " Baby... ang ganda nga..."

It was peaceful. Serene. Sacred.

We had to move the wedding date just to make sure we would be wed here. I didn't care anymore about the pamahiins of moving your wedding date. What mattered to me was I found THE church!

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church

My Dream Wedding Dress

just found out that I have to get a designer/dressmaker to create my wedding dress. Apparently, my original plan of having my sister's wedding dress altered is far from possible because of the damned beads!!! They can't alter the design of the skirt, not even resize the dress because of the @(*@$&#&^$ beads!!! They said it would ruin the dress and it's going to be like doing a whole new dress anyway so better to get myself a brand new gown instead. *sigh*

But looking at the bright side of things, this gave me the chance to actually wear my dream wedding dress! I immediately thought of Veluz but then again, reality check, her dresses would be far from feasible for me considering the budget that we have. So, it's time to re-think and research!

I initially wanted to have a Vera Wang inspired dress just like the Vera Wang gown in the movie "Bride Wars". It was the dress that the character of Kate Hudson wore for her wedding on that flick. Here's the picture>>>>

I wanted the skirt part to be big eh! I wanted to feel like a princess on her first ball. Besides, pencil-cut or simple A-line dresses won't be that matched for me noh, hello, I don't want to look like a bonggang-bonggang kawayan in white cloth and lace kaya.

Hopefully, we'll find a designer/dress maker who can try to imitate this beauty with the budget that will fit as well.. *prays*

I Want To Be A VELUZ Bride!

Didn't notice that it was time to logout. Nagulat na lang when the operations area buzzed with agents' mumbled noises, clapping and yehey-ing and sighing with relief as the avaya time clicked 8:00. Logout na nga naman.

Considering that I am a honda-dot (normal language interpretation: on-the-dot) person once the clock signaled it's going home time na, it is shocking for me to realize na hindi ko man lang naramdaman na uwian na nga pala. Bakit? Because I was busy browsing through the blogsite of one of the most popular designer in the wedding industry, VELUZ. I don't even know her real name but I know she IS Veluz.

I felt crying as I read through her blogs on the top 5 Bride moments that she has witnessed. I was thinking, ako kaya, will I be like those brides na ginawan nya ng wedding dress? She described them as classy, glowing, graceful, and truly a great sight. I couldn't even express how overwhelming her description of those brides are to me. I felt sobrang inggit. As in super inggit. Super super superrr inggit.

I know that I never would be able to afford even her simplest masterpiece. Maybe three months' salary will be good enough so she could make me THE wedding dress for my special day. Kamusta naman, ano, hindi na ako kakain? Maglalakad na lang ako papasok sa work from Cavite to Cubao para makatipid at ma-afford yung wedding dresses nya? Haayy..

Of course, my family would say na it's just going to be a wedding dress which I wouldn't be wearing again, most likely. But Veluz's work is not just a wedding dress. It is THE wedding dress. And tulad nga ng sabe nung mga nasa bridal fair when we went there yesterday, "minsan ka lang naman ikakasal. Why not pag-effort-an mo na?" True, minsan nga lang unless I plan to get annulled or divorced then get married again -- as if!

But regardless, I still wanted her to be the one to design and make my wedding dress. Too bad, her work is just too much for us to afford.

Im sure she won't get to read this but nonetheless, I'd like to thank her for the inspiration and for making brides' big day even more special because of the dress that she has made for them. Someday, maybe in my next lifetime, she'll still be VELUZ and I'll be one of her brides..

First Time with my H2B

We've been together for 15months now and have been on the planning stage of getting hitched for about 3months, we've experienced the joy of our "first time".

Feb 14, '09, we went to Megatrade Hall at SM Megamall to see the Debuts & Bridal Fair. It was both our first time and we honestly didn't know what we were going to do, what's going to happen or where we would be heading (di namin alam kung san banda ung Megatrade Hall so we ended up just going up thru the escalator and voila! there's megatrade hall 2&3!)

We asked the ladies sa may desk sa labas, sabe ni lady#1, "registered po kayo?" So i went, "Yep, we registered online. *all smiles*"" Lady#2 said: "Future bride-to-be?" I thought redundant, future na nga, to-be pa? Oh well, tumango lang ako at ngumiti while Nico was itching already to go inside. We were given these little "VIP" stickers na dikit daw namin samen and then a bunch of flyers agad.

Una ko talaga inisip kung san ung booth ni Princess Misa. Muntik na ako madistract kasi bumulaga saken mga bonggang-bonggang wedding dresses which I could only assume it's way beyond half of our entire wedding budget! Huhuhu!

Anyway, we looked around for more then I saw her, Princess Misa's daughter standing and holding a clipboard.

We headed straight na sa booth nila. The pretty daughter, faced us and smiled, nasabi ko na lang, "Uh.. hi! Mag-final book na kame... :">" Grabe, I was nervous, Nico was excited and giddy. Sabe nya check nya lang daw ung mga invitations, sabe ko, "Wait lang! Dito ka muna!" Kase sa totoo lang, I was really nervous and shy. It was like na-star struck ako!

When Princess Misa turned at us, I waived and I only said, "Apol" sabay point to myself. And she was like, "Apol!" And she smiled at me. Elating yung pakiramdam. She was super nice, super accomodating and yung initial intimidation and indifference that I felt earlier biglang nilipad at nawala.

her daughter handed us the clipboard to fill out the booking details, then Princess Misa approached me after completing the form to confirm our previous agreement. After a few exchange of words, we settled and finally, booked her on our wedding day! I really am excited na talaga! She asked if nag prenup photoshoot na daw ba kami. I told her, sabe ng photographer namin na sa April pa kame schedule. She was so accomodating that she even told us to make sure na andito sila pag nag prenup kasi they will be in Boracay for a wedding din.

Sobra ako na-overwhelm. Sulit yung hindi ko pagtulog nun!

The First Timer

So I've been blogging (occasionally, randomly, seldomly?) since I cannot remember when. Basta I knew that when I get to touch a computer keyboard, I would have to write something to be posted on the net. Hayyzz.. I remember then I still had the -teen in my age when I had so much time to be spent on writing. My former editor-in-chief could have sued me for not listening to the call of being a writer. "Sige, magpabaya..." as was his words.

Anyway, so here goes. Finally, I decent blogsite to blog on (I hope!)

I plan to write everything about weddings here, at least everything about MY wedding. Hopefully I stay true to my words but in case I strayed from the original plan, patawarin nyo po ako.

I'll start, I guess, with moving my 'wedding blogs' to their new home.

Welcome to