Monday, February 16, 2009

I Want To Be A VELUZ Bride!

Didn't notice that it was time to logout. Nagulat na lang when the operations area buzzed with agents' mumbled noises, clapping and yehey-ing and sighing with relief as the avaya time clicked 8:00. Logout na nga naman.

Considering that I am a honda-dot (normal language interpretation: on-the-dot) person once the clock signaled it's going home time na, it is shocking for me to realize na hindi ko man lang naramdaman na uwian na nga pala. Bakit? Because I was busy browsing through the blogsite of one of the most popular designer in the wedding industry, VELUZ. I don't even know her real name but I know she IS Veluz.

I felt crying as I read through her blogs on the top 5 Bride moments that she has witnessed. I was thinking, ako kaya, will I be like those brides na ginawan nya ng wedding dress? She described them as classy, glowing, graceful, and truly a great sight. I couldn't even express how overwhelming her description of those brides are to me. I felt sobrang inggit. As in super inggit. Super super superrr inggit.

I know that I never would be able to afford even her simplest masterpiece. Maybe three months' salary will be good enough so she could make me THE wedding dress for my special day. Kamusta naman, ano, hindi na ako kakain? Maglalakad na lang ako papasok sa work from Cavite to Cubao para makatipid at ma-afford yung wedding dresses nya? Haayy..

Of course, my family would say na it's just going to be a wedding dress which I wouldn't be wearing again, most likely. But Veluz's work is not just a wedding dress. It is THE wedding dress. And tulad nga ng sabe nung mga nasa bridal fair when we went there yesterday, "minsan ka lang naman ikakasal. Why not pag-effort-an mo na?" True, minsan nga lang unless I plan to get annulled or divorced then get married again -- as if!

But regardless, I still wanted her to be the one to design and make my wedding dress. Too bad, her work is just too much for us to afford.

Im sure she won't get to read this but nonetheless, I'd like to thank her for the inspiration and for making brides' big day even more special because of the dress that she has made for them. Someday, maybe in my next lifetime, she'll still be VELUZ and I'll be one of her brides..


  1. Hi Apol,
    I know how you feel about Veluz. When I saw her designs sobrang I didn't want to look at other designers anymore..
    Don't feel bad, basta masaya ka with the gown that you;'re gonna wear.. that's all that matters!

  2. thanks Candy! Iisipin ko na lang habang nagma-marcha ako, si Veluz ang gumawa ng damit ko... ^_^