Monday, August 17, 2009

The V Experience: The Appointment

I love her to bits!!!

Okay, so after a millenium, I am writing the....uh... third (?) installment of my Veluz experience. I hope people will still read this.

Anyway, so you all know how and when it all happened. Now here is what came about on our first meeting.

After Ms. Gercel and i spoke over the phone (a few hours from reading Ms. V's email, that is), we've settled on having my appointment set with Ms. V in three days. I honestly didn't care the time conflict the appointment may encounter as all I ever wanted was to see her and talk to her in person and see her sketch my gown and all that.

Our appointment time was 4 hours from the moment I get off from work. At the time, Nico and I was still contemplating as to how we would get there the soonest. Excited much? :p

We left Araneta before 9 in the morning. We took the MRT then decided to take the LRT route to Quirino instead of the initial plan of taking a cab ride to Ms. Veluz's shop. We were there before 10.

I don't think my heart ever relaxed that day.

Everything went by like a blur. Since we were early for our 11am appointment, we had to wait.

I saw her emerge from the back office/fitting room where she was with the client scheduled before us. I was hearing her converse with the bride who has having her fitting. They were talking in a very sosyal way. Nosebleed ako. I whispered to Nico, who was preoccupied browsing through the magazines and pictures of Veluz's creations, "Baby, puro english-an sila. Nakaka-intimidate!"

And imagine how it felt even more nerve-racking to me when the bride came out of the fitting room: dressed in a black corporate tailored suit, her curves accentuated and her skin just screams out "alta-sosyedad".

Kamusta naman,Nico and I were in our usual casual wardrobe from work. We looked like usyuseras in a red carpet scene, for crying out loud.

I only felt the intimidation and nervousness fade when Miss V said hi to me and signaled, "Wait lang ha!" with her wholehearted warm smiles. I felt like melting at the sight of a high school crush.

So there, after more minutes of trying to look busy and not inip, I was asked to proceed to her office. The room was spaceous, and everything in it spelled class, elegance and warmth. I remember a few words in the first five minutes of the meeting.

"Kamusta?" she said in her most cheerful and ever welcoming tone.

The conversation was also a blur but there's one distinct moment that I will forever remember. As she was making kwento and all that, she mentioned about this bride's blog that she got to read. My heart was ultimately hammering as I listened to her describe how sad the fate of this bride was because this bride wanted so much to have her create her wedding dress but she won't be able to. My teary eyed expression at first burst out completely into soft sobs when it finally dawned to me that the blogger that she was referring to was me. She said something like, "Wow! tingnan mo nga naman diba! Ikaw pala yon!" And yes, it was something like destiny. Like fate. That I was to become an actual Veluz bride as I dreamt to be.

I couldn't believe it. She'd read my writings. I felt embarassed and swept away by the mere fact that she has bumped into my blogsite. It felt like my writings were unworthy of her time to be read and all the drama. Sabe na lang nya, "Ano ka ba! Ayan umiiyak na sya! Ate, pakisukatan na nga si Apol at naiyak na sya eh!"


I came home with all-smiles. Teary-eyed due to an overwhelming gladness I was feeling. I didn't mind the tiring byahe that we had heading back home to Cavite, not to mention the puyat and stress we got from coming directly from work to Miss Veluz's shop. Everything felt very sulit. As in!


  1. Hi Sis Apol! Kumusta kana? I don't see you at w@w anymore. I've been waiting for you post about your 'V Experience'. Hope you are doing fine.

    -sis Kay (a w@wie)

  2. So, what happened after your first appointment? Were you able to get a good price since she knows that you really want her to make your gown? Hope everything is fine with you.

  3. I'm happy for you. :) I really like veluz also. i know she is a bit pricey compared to cebu designers (i'm from cebu) but my fiance wanted to give me the best so he set me up an appointment with veluz. hope everything goes well. :)

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