Monday, August 10, 2009

Crash and Burn

Been MIA for quite a number of weeks now. Well you see, work has been more than demanding lately with a couple more responsibilities and associates being endorsed to my plate. Pretty much I can say that I am all burned out at this point considering the stressful nature of my job. On top of that, our beloved and ever so loyal home computer crashed down. It was as if it reached the point that it doesn't want to work anymore (like owner, like computer maybe? :p) and it decided not to boot up. Just like that.

For that, I have to suffer a complete internet diet. And oh, we still haven;t picked out the images for our wedding album because of the recent events. How about topping that?

Hopefully, the forsaken computer will decide to wake-up without taking it to the "doctor".


  1. Sis,

    Might be the power supply.
    Check it again.

  2. di sya power supply weh huhuhu... kase naandar pa ung fan nya at may yellow/green light pa but wala ung red na light na sign na nag bboot sya. hopefully by next weekend mapaayos ko na. sayang ang bayad sa internet kung di nagagamit eh haha