Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The V Experience: An email

This is where the dream began.

So there was this topic from our wedding e-group in which I posted a reply to about gowns and Veluz. As you all my readers know, I've always been very vocal and open to the issue of desiring to be one of them Veluz brides but at the time, I had a different designer who was to make me my wedding gown in a cheaper rate. After a while, I checked my email and got a message from a fellow W@Wie about Veluz. She said, "sana tinry mo. no strings attached naman kung makipag appointment ka or magpasketch." and also mentioned a few information about the payment details.

Being the obsessed crazy Velus fan that I was, I immediately wrote a new message, addressed to Miss V's gmail account.

I knew it was a long shot. A very loooong one, for that matter. because considering the situation I was in during that time, even if she replies, I just know we cannot, in my wildest fantasies, afford to pay. And of course, taking into account the fact that my email can be compared to a tiny dust out of all those numerous emails she was getting, I can only expect about 0.000000001% response from her.

But for some miracle, she did! She responded! And I hyperventilated. Hahahahaha! Imagine my shock upon checking my inbox that blessed morning. I was at the office then and one of my agents noticed my discomposure, s/he said, "TC, okay ka lang? Bakit nanginginig ka?" :p

Oh, God must have really loved me. be continued.

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