Monday, July 6, 2009

Vent Out: Unwanted Pahabol - Long Read

It's been exactly a month from our wedding.

Anyway, I was supposed to finish the selection of images for our wedding album and write more wedding kwentos most especially my V experience and complete our suppliers' ratings but I don't think I'm in the mood. Why? Because one of our 'almost-'wedding supplier is stressing me on top of the work pressure I'm getting.

This is the supplier that we booked when I was at the height of excitement for our wedding preps but this supplier was someone I just settled on getting. At the time, it so happened that this supplier's name was kind of sikat in our e-group for its service affordability and being super nice kausap. yes, the supplier was indeed a very nice person to talk to. However, I didn't expect this supplier to give me this kind of feeling after my wedding, considering that this supplier didnt even have a role on the actual wedding itself...

So we dropped this supplier at least 4-6 weeks before the wedding. The supplier asked why, and of course, it is my responsibility to let them know the reason, for courtesy's sake. After finding out our reason, they asked if we would still avail/claim the final output. I said, "bahala na po kayo kung anong plano nyo but dont worry po, I will pay the remaining balance." The issue was settled then.

From 2days before the wedding until last week, the supplier had been consistently texting me when will I be settling the payment for the remaining balance. It was 25% of the actual price. For 25%, I felt harassed and insulted.

Before I continue this story, let me just write the following:
1. The supplier's first concern was the budget I have for the service.
2. Upon acknowledging the amount I was willing to pay, the supplier will then only discuss how we would go about achieving what we want for the wedding.
3. We weren't given any contract of our agreement. (my fault, I didn't ask for one, I was too trusting with my suppliers)
5. The only documents/proofs that I have from that supplier are the receipts of our payments.

Okay, so you dear readers have a slight idea as to how I view this supplier's business attitude, noh?

I promised this supplier that I will settle the remaining balance today, July 6. He mentioned that there will be a storage cost per day if the payment is not made by July 6. We had the funds to pay and of course, I was very willing to pay even though it kind of means we're throwing away hard earned money for something that we weren't able to make use of. Unfortunately, because of my own procrastination, I fell asleep and I didn't get to pay the deposit to his bank account. I am most happy to take harshness for my partial negligence but please, was it enough to send me messages that imply something like I am a delinquent client who will make takas from my responsibilities?

I perfectly acknowledge my flaws that I forget things and that I tend to be too busy with work wherein I end up losing my time on just sleeping my butt off to catch up on rest. But saying "Naging stigma kasi ang hindi mo pagse-settle eh" as if I intentionally DID NOT settle the money I owe because it's my characteristic as a delinquent citizen or something. It was kind of disappointing. It would've been understandable if we did claim this supplier's full service and then we did not pay but hey, we would pay, time was just too stiff for us and take note; we didn’t get to utilize anything at all from their product and we don’t even have any trace or proof of our transaction except the receipts and a picture of how the supplier's product was supposed to look like. Other than that, do I deserve such a mark and reputation as a delinquent client/payer? On top of it all, we're not even talking about a five-digit amount of cash. Modesty aside, the amount we're talking about here is merely equivalent to the taxes being deducted from my semi-monthly salary.

I've had a couple of big suppliers but never did they make me feel harassed about paying. I may have asked one supplier if it was okay to make the final payment after the wedding (which, for the record, was paid in full at least halfway towards the completion of the service, 2weeks before the wedding) but again, they were all very, very polite and accommodating and I never felt that the whole business was just about money.

My husband and I will always be super thankful for having the people who took part on making our dream wedding come true and I must say that I am just glad we dropped this certain supplier who I see at this point as someone who cares more about the money they'll get rather than being concerned about the quality of their work, service, and their relationship with their clients.

By the way, I will make sure this supplier gets their money as soon as the bank opens tomorrow and I will tell them that I don't want anything to do with them anymore, the product is all theirs, I am not interested on even getting the sight of it.


  1. Sis, sa Cubao yan noh?

    OMG! I'm nervous. :(

  2. sa totoo lang, minsan mas polite and mas mabait pa talaga yung may mga established names na sa industry.

  3. Hi sis, sobra naman harsh ang word na yun as if reputation mo na ang pagiging late payer..nku I hope you'll get to settle this with that supplier...naku sis, ipagpray na lang sila and stay beautiful ka...

  4. ...hope you can link me to your blogroll...its me aby...hope you still remember

  5. @Jhan - sis, i sent you an email. like i said, it doesnt necessarily mean na ganun ka din nya tatratuhin. ours was different kasi. i dont think u hav to be nervous, im sure ur gown will be fine. wag ka lang magkaproblema sa usaping money with that supplier para di ka maka experience ng ganito hehehe.. other than that, you should relaks ;)

    @ Maan - i agree with u sis. minsan kahit mas pricey sila, mararamdaman mo ung worth ng bawat sentimo na ibinayad mo sa mga suppliers with established names.

    @ Aby - hi sis! sorry, nakalimutan ko pano mag-add sa blogroll, pero ok na sya ngaun. ^_^ and yes, harsh sya. i made sure na di ko makakalimutan ung bayad so nagdeposit na ako. i was expecting na sana magtanong sya kung kelan ko kukunin yung pinagawa sa kanya, pero wala. pagkaconfirm lang ng payment, yun na. thanks for dropping by!