Saturday, June 27, 2009

The V Experience: the dream

It was an early Sunday back in February. We were on a Tuesday-Saturday schedule then and I was at work, preoccupied with wedding planning. It was after our last break at the office and everyone was feeling sleepy and tired and we all just wanted to head home to sleep or to bond with our families. After all, it was a Sunday.

So I was browsing and googling, looking for wedding inspirations when I stumbled upon this blogsite.

The exquisite designs, the meticulous details, the touching stories and eksenas of the brides. I was mesmerized. I was falling in love.

As I read through the blogs, I didn't realize I was on tears. Oh yes, the cry baby that I was, I cried over images of beautiful and breath taking wedding dresses and the gloriously described moments of those women on their weddings.

Ahh. I just knew I wanted to be one of them. I just knew I would love to be in one of the dresses that the blogger created.

I didn't know much about her at that time. All I know was her name and her pieces. And that I could only have her to be my designer in my dreams.

I wanted to be a Veluz bride

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