Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wedding Kwentos #2: Keep Putik Away!

So I believe last Saturday was the day when the skies poured out all remaining waters in the clouds as it rained all morning and until the end of the church ceremony on our wedding day.

Imagine my worries and horrors when I realized that the veranda suite where we were staying for the preps is a walk on puddles of water towards the lobby and the hotel entrance/exit. Here's the thing, Island Cove Hotel is not your typical hotel wherein the rooms and the suites are all in one tall building with numerous floors and elevators. The suites that they provide for brides like me for the wedding preps are the executive veranda suites located outside the main building wherein the pathway towards the suites are surrounded by trees and plants and is an open space walkway. Meaning, puddles of water and mud and wet leaves and plants are all over the pavement and we would get wet if we don't walk carefully and with umbrellas.

The evening prior to the wedding day, I've been contemplating on switching rooms with Nico and his groomsmen. Their hotel deluxe room is inside the building, free from getting wet if you go outside the room. But we realized I just had to make the best out of what we have. Turned out, the rains became an advantage for taking pictures. It made the background look more green and fresh. The only thing I was left to worry about is my exit from the suite towards the lobby. I was worried about my Veluz gown of course. And my white Veluz wedding shoes.

My mom suggested to wear plastics to cover the shoes and walk back to the lobby on it. I said no as I'm sure, one way or the other, the shoes will still get dirty. So what did I do to resolve the dilemma? See the photos below. :p

See what I was wearing when I when I stepped out of the room?

Photos by: Atty. Raymond Fortun


  1. Naks sis panalo sa shoes,

    and malabo ba ang contacts ko, si tita princess ang nagpayong sau, wuhooo bait ni tita, tapos sa church si ms.V naman. sabay nsa plagid mo lng si atty RF, oh di ba san ka pa. blessed ka sister.


    Im learning from your wedding maybe I should invest on a really good rain boots. :)