Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Wedding Kwentos #1: The Arrhae

Starting with this post, I will try to blog our wedding kwentos and eksenas. The first I'll post is the story of our arrhae.

I've always wanted to use some of my sister's wedding accessories that she used when she got married ten years ago. My mind was keen on using their cord and arrhae until we picked up my dress from Veluz's shop. The package includes the wedding cord and the arrhae pillow without the arrhae. My nanay and my sister insists that there should be an arrhae included in the package but I said they only provide our pillows but not the things we'll put on it.

With that argument resolved, we then proceeded to looking for my sister's arrhae (2 days before the wedding) as I mentioned that I wanted to use hers. Dethe (my sister) said, "Dapat yung aras nyo eh inyo lang talaga, hindi yun pwedeng nagamit na."

Long story short, we stopped looking for her old arrhae and decided that nanay will just buy one for us.

Friday morning, my nanay was up early. SHe left to buy other stuff that she needs and our arrhae na rin. She was home by 9am and she showed me what she bought.

There it was, our very own arrhae. Fresh from the palengke. :))

But who would ever thought that our arrhae is actually bought from the public market? Lookie below.
Photo by: Dreamline Digital Photography

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  1. di nga halata sis. Nice.

    BTW, i have problems posting comment to.
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