Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The V Experience

I've been meaning to write about THE gown drama ever since it dawned to me that my bridal dream was coming true but I had to hold myself back as I wanted it to be a 'surprise'. A lot of people thought that I would be in a wedding dress that is made not by my dream designer and I was then ready to let go of my only dream as a bride but wait, the Lord apparently had bigger plans. T'was a plan more pricey but nonetheless way more exciting than what we had at the time. Besides, it was what will make me happy and Nico will want anything that makes me happy. Sweet, I know!


So most of this blog's readers probably know I had a Veluz gown on my wedding. ^_____^ I couldn't be more thankful than I still am right now for that. It was kind of an impulsive moven but every tiny bit of it was all soooo worth it!

Yes, all those cryptic blogs I wrote before is about THE wedding dress. I took a couple of shots during our visits at her shop but no, there weren't any pictures of the actual fitting session. Will post a series of blogs about this experience as soon as I get to spare a couple of hours to go online at home. ;)


  1. waaahhh!

    I had been waiting for THE STORY.tapos bitin... common... he he