Friday, May 22, 2009

Hair matters

So here are my actual choices for the wedding hairstyle. My Angel told me to have my hair in a 'puffy' hairstyle framing my face to soften the look.

Being a Gossip Girl fan and addict, I truly love love Blair's hairstyle here. Blair's, okay? Not Chuck's. :p
Another Leighton Meester hairstyle that my heart desires.

I totally forgot her name but doesn't she look fab on this do? Ooohh, and take note of the eye make-up, too!

Hail, Queen Amidala! Natalie Portman in her 2009 Oscars look.

And because I remember the things that my Angel suggested, I distinctively heard her say, "You know, ala Jessica Alba?" So here's my best bet for Ms. Alba's hairstyles, taken from the Oscars
I am totally confused. Can someone help me here? :p


  1. Hi sis, i still prefer Blair's haistyle...

  2. hi sis! I agree with sis escie! vote ko rin yung 1st pic of blair!:) ahaha!! although I'm kinda biased kasi similar sya sa do na gusto ko.. ehehe!!

    btw, i heart Gossip Girl too!;)

  3. thanks, girls! will send these to my Angel na rin so she can check which will best compliment me and the dress :D

  4. Hair style is a very important part. The shape of the hair affects the appearance of their characteristics....I like third one hair style image....She is looking very nice in this image