Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Non-Wedding Post

Okay, okay. So I have 13days left. But that's still 13days, right? For the meantime, I just want to say this (or write, rather) out loud.

I heart Chuck and Blair!


  1. i'm with you on this sis!!! i heart them! i super loved this ending... :)

  2. ang sweetttt! diba? :"< kinikilig tlga ako

  3. hi sis,

    I know super busy on your wedding preps and outupcoming wedding but if you have time I have friendship award tag for you... take you time atleast i'm looking to have friendship with you... happy preps on your wedding preps thanks

  4. hi sis! I agree!! kakakilig sila!:) haven't watched GG for a while na.. miss ko na sila panuorin! LOLz!

  5. hi dear, got a tag for you..

    happy preps!